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“Money and other political and economic means must serve, not rule.”
Pope Francis, letter to G8 meeting, June 2013

The Catholic Development Fund (CDF) offers parishioners the opportunity to support the work of the local church, simply by investing funds and attracting competitive interest rates on your account.

The CDF assists diocesan agencies, parishes, schools and parishioners with the management of their finances, offering a competitive range of investment products.

Since 1964, the CDF has been helping the Diocese of Bathurst to deliver the mission of the local church in many ways, including health and aged care services throughout our parishes, quality educational facilities and the provision of housing and services to the poor and marginalised, to name just a few.

Supporting the CDF enables us to lend funds to parishes, schools and diocesan agencies at low cost, so they don’t need to borrow money commercially.

Operating as a “not for profit”, and after making a provision for reserves, the CDF distributes its surplus to the Diocese to support its charitable and pastoral works.


General enquiries:
Catholic Development Fund
Catholic Diocese of Bathurst
PO Box 246
118  Keppel Street
Bathurst NSW 2795
Ph: 02 6334 6400
Fax: 02 6331 8465